What is DESIGNERS FIRST all about?

At DESIGNERS FIRST we honors Danish design and Danish craftsmanship.
We literally put the designers and their designs first. We believe in the gifted talents we work with, and we share their stories.
Promotion of our talented designers is a big part of our DNA. You will get to know them all.

Get inspired by adding a touch of "Hygge" and Danish Design to your home.

Welcome to a new world of minimalistic Danish home interior design in the very best quality. You will get inspiration for your home interior and decoration, and it will fit the classical and modern home alike. Meet a designer, shop our gorgeous home interior designs from the webshop, and explore our unique designs that you will only find at DESIGNERS FIRST.

Scandinavian design

We have cherry-picked the very best designers and the very best materials, giving you the opportunity to make your home a unique design. Our designers point-of-view is the Scandinavian design heritage, thus guaranteeing a timeless interior design which will never get old.

Danish craftsmanship

At DESIGNERS FIRST, we are in love with robust designs and interior arrangements, which is why we are incredibly detail oriented when we chose the craftsmen and artisans who fabricate our furniture and interior design artifacts. We primarily use Danish craftsmen and artisans, who we involve in the full lifecycle due to their unique knowledge of materials and processes. If we are not able to procure a specific craftsmen or artisan in Denmark, then we use our network to locate the right one anywhere in the world.

Exclusive selection

No matter if you are looking for a side table for your sofa, a candle holder for your dinner table, a shelf for your first edition books, a bench for your Italian shoe collection or any other unique interior artifact for your home, you will find an exclusive collection at DESIGNERS FIRST. We have carefully curated the furniture and artifacts you will find in our webshop, and you can only buy them here or in an antic store, 50 years later. So if you require a personal and unique touch in your home interior design, which will stay true to quality and craftsmanship well into the century, then you will not be disappointed.


Our designer's interest is in both the design and the interior arrangement of the artifacts within a home, and they will gladly share any ideas, tips, and tricks. "Like" us on Facebook and "follow" us on Instagram, where they will regularly share "news" and "new" products coming to our webshop, and share their favorite interior designers and arrangements, and lots more.