COFFEE TABLE in Danish design

With us, you will find elegant and stylish coffee tables that are designed according to the Nordic minimalist lines. A coffee table for us is not just a table. We believe there must be a balance between functionality and aesthetics, and this is what is the characteristic of all the furniture you find with us.

BENCH in natural oak

Benches have become the new "black." Also in light oak. A bench can today find space in many places in the home. In the hall, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the living room, etc. With our bench made of FCS certified oak, you get both design, aesthetics, functionality, and craftsmanship from the absolute top shelf. There is a thought behind every detail. Not surprisingly, is our benches among the most highly demanded products.

SHELF in unique designs

BESIDE is another excellent example of shelves, which in addition to everyday functionality, offers world-class designs.

HANGERS - the indispensable

No interior design without hangers. You must be able to store clothes permanently for yourself, but also temporarily when you have guests visiting. We definitely do not have the largest selection of hangers or hanger rails, but we have something not found anywhere else. The hanger that makes the corners of your house useful. CORNER, designed by Stella Graversen, is precisely the hanger that until recently did not exist. With it, you get the opportunity to utilize the often "impossible" corners in the home for something sensible. And even with something that unites the functional and decorative.