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Danish design shelves for interior design and storage solutions

Use shelves for a variety interior design and storage solutions. At DESIGNERS FIRST, you will find both wall and floating shelves. You can even find a unique book-shelf shelf design which you the opportunity to highlight your personal story.

Designer shelf

We all have some heirloom, souvenir, something that reminds us of the special day, pictures, or knickknack which deserves a special place in your home - shelves are perfect for this. Decorate your wall with a designer shelf from DESIGNERS FIRST and add your personal story by placing your unique collection on top of it.

Genius storage

When space is limited, shelves are a genius solution for storage. You can always find an empty wall, and no matter if you chose a wall shelf or a floating shelf, it will always enable you to change it up a notch with time. Shelves are also a hit in the kid's room, and it gives them the opportunity to put on display their favorite toys.

Minimalistic interior design

Our shelves are all designed to fulfill a function and add a minimalistic expression to your home, making your stories come to life. When we design interior pieces for the home, high quality and unique material choices are always in the center.


Our bookshelf is a modern-art installation for your wall in itself. Adding your favorite books, that deserve a special place, to your wall, gives you a unique interior design which tells your story. Just like a floating shelf, it is the shelf and content which is in focus, not some clunky installation hardware-bracket.