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Danish design home decor products that give your home personality

"Things" for your home, often adds a little extra, which gives your home personality. In our webshop, you will find a unique collection of interior home decor products, that can be used to tell your personal story, discover a something beautiful for a present, or just indulge yourself with Danish design home decor, in the highest quality.

Designs for the home

No need to invest in the pricy classics to enjoy contemporary design. At DESIGNERS FIRST, we have a unique collection of interior home decor products for your home. In our webshop, you will find designer home decor pieces that can give your "home-styling" that little extra. Our designers have the same design maturation process and philosophy for accessories as they do furniture, and the result is high-quality interior home decor products, that are also functional.

Designing home decor

When our designers start a new assignment, to develop a new home decor product, they combine aesthetics and functionality, most elegantly. A candle holder, which doubles as a vase, or a vase that can be used to hold candles. They are very passionate about interior design, and their own choices are clear evidence. Do you want more inspiration, then follow us on Instagram and Facebook? Our designers regularly share their preference for gorgeous interiors design and home decor.

Home accessories

Home decor is the most lovely for interior home design. The right vase or unique candle holder can add that expression or "hygge" you are looking for in your home. When it comes to home decor and interior design, our designers are in their habitat, and we hope you see that in the unique designs we have in our webshop.

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