DESIGNERS FIRST honors Danish design and Danish craftsmanship, we hand pick the new design talents, and they are center of attention - they are the starts on our catwalk. We use the very best Danish craftsman and artisan because our ambition is to create contemporary design pieces that stay true to the designer's expression and functionality.

DESIGNERS FIRST webshop offers interior design pieces that you can only find here. Our Danish design is rooted in a deep passion for quality and functionality for the modern and contemporary interior. This is what you as a customer pays for, and we don't have any expensive middleman in our supply chain, in fact, we have created the shortest distance between our designers and YOU.

The inspiration for our designers is the Scandinavian interior design heritage, with its simplicity and simple lines, the Scandinavian design adds functionality and timeless elegance.

The cardinal directions on our compass is the very best craftsmanship, simple functionality, great material, and the personal story. Explore our universe and get inspiration from all the passionate people we work with on a daily basis. Meet Sabine Appel, Trine Poulsen, and Stella Graversen as they give a personal tour behind the scenes as a designer.

We are both Industrial Engineers with more than 35 of experience between us from manufacturing to logistics in Denmark and as expatriates throughout the world. All of our manufacturers are artisans who honor the Danish craftsmanship resulting in the very best quality. We know for a fact that they can help us reach the finish line when all the designs are ready, and reach out launch goal.

We put every effort possible into everything we do, and we want our customers to benefit from this. Which is why we are making the very best customer experience for our products, customer service and the stories that we want to tell.

DESIGNERS FIRST would like to give a guarantee for the very best quality in all aspects when it comes to our modern and contemporary design pieces.

DESIGNERS FIRST where you find tomorrows design.

Gert Jakobsen & Mikkel Johansen