... a difference for our customers, our designers, our partners and our planet.


We have the very basic philosophy that designers, the creative and visionary skilled creators of aesthetic lines, are just as interesting storytellers as musicians, painters, writers, etc. 
Designers simply express their stories in physical products.
Therefore, we think it is entirely appropriate that the designers, in the same way as the artists mentioned above, be put in focus when a product is launched.

We make a virtue of being true to the designer and his visions for the particular design, when we, as engineers, carry it from sketch through the development and construction process.

As the name suggests, it is with us, to the greatest extent possible, the DESIGNS FIRST. 

Aesthetics without function - not here ...

It is important to us that our products, in addition to being aesthetic and decorative, have a function.
There is enough decoration in this world, and we do not want to add products that do not simultaneously cover a functional need.

fair priced design ...

As consumers, we are much more informed today than before, this enables us, qualitatively, to relate to the reasonableness of the price we pay for a product.
We think this is positive in every way.

At DESIGNERS FIRST, part of the business philosophy is rooted in fair priced design. We do not think original designs necessarily have to be expensive in order to be called designs.

Read about our pricing policy here:  Pricing policy

Shortest possible path....

The business concept in DESIGNERS FIRST is based on creating the shortest possible path from sketch to end user, this is ensured by opting out of expensive intermediaries, which is why our products are only sold in our own webshop. 
In this way, we can deliver maximum value for money, and at the same time ensures a quality we can be proud of.

"Traveling is to live"- ​​said H.C. Andersen ....

Many (including us) will claim that this is true. But today we also know that it hurts mother earth when we get in the plane to experience the world. And we are burdened by a guilty conscience when we leave anyway.

How many of us really think about how bad it is when millions of tons of goods travel around the world every day? - maybe even to end where they started. 

We aim to ensure our products have traveled the shortest possible way to reach home to our customers.

Sustainability in a new context ...

We naturally think about the environment and sustainability into the materials we choose for our products.
Among other things, do we use FSC-labeled wood and packaging, environmentally certified manufacturers, etc.

But we also think about sustainability in a slightly different context.

If a product has got its lines and characteristics from a designer who has circled the details for weeks and often months before it is left to us, there is a good chance that it will hold out for years to come.

In addition, it is quite natural for us to offer new parts to existing products over time. It could be a new cushion for the PAYA bench, which of course can be bought loose. In this way, you can as a consumer, renew or extend the life of your furniture.

Call it our little rebellion against the buy-and-throw-away culture :-) 

Welcome - and thank you for reading.

/Gert Jakobsen
(co-founder of DESIGNERS FIRST)

Meet the team that gets it all done below.


Sabine Appel - Designer 
Sabine has grown up in Ribe and has graduated as a designer at VIA University College in Herning. Sabine's favorite material is metals. Inspiration may come from the surroundings, words, pictures, an element or a pattern. It may be the desire to create a function or to unite form and function. Read more about Sabine here

Trine Poulsen - Designer
Trine is born and raised in the city of Smile, Aarhus, and has graduated as a designer at VIA University College in Herning. The favourite materials are wood & steel, preferably in combination. Trine's inspiration includes: from architecture, earlier style periods, other cultures, nature, and everyday needs. Trine swears to the honest design that can withstand the light of all ages. Read more about Trine here

Stella Graversen - Designer 
Stella is North Jutland girl and settled in the small cozy town of STENILD. Stella is like Sabine and Trine educated designer at VIA University College in Herning. The favourite material is wood, and inspiration is everyday needs and the people around her. A design must contribute something. And it's okay that it's simple. Just that is delicious and functional. Read more about Stella here

Malene Severinsen - Journalist
Malene operates her consulting company Rumour Has It. Malene has been precious from the very first day, both when PR plans were made, articles written, selected logo and much more. At Malene, we always get a skinless honest, competent and constructive feedback on both large and small.

Mikkel Johansen - Co-founder of DESIGNERS FIRST
Mikkel has a degree in production engineering and has experience with production, quality management, procurement, and logistics from several large Danish companies such as LEGO, and Nilfisk A/S. Mikkel has been living and working abroad for the past 11 years.

Gert Jakobsen - Co-founder of DESIGNERS FIRST
Gert is a graduate production engineer and has experience with development and production within the furniture industry. Besides his time in the furniture industry, has Gert held various positions with responsibility for procurement and logistics in Danish companies such as Caljan, Tajco, and Nilfisk A/S. Has been living and working three years abroad.