We have the very basic philosophy that designers, the creative and visionary skilled creators of aesthetic lines, are just as interesting storytellers as musicians, painters, writers, etc. 
Designers simply express their stories in physical products.
Therefore, we think it is entirely appropriate that the designers, in the same way as the artists mentioned above, be put in focus when a product is launched.

We make a virtue of being true to the designer and his visions for the particular design, when we, as engineers, carry it from sketch through the development and construction process.

As the name suggests, it is with us, to the greatest extent possible, the DESIGNS FIRST. 

Aesthetics without function - not here ...

It is important to us that our products, in addition to being aesthetic and decorative, have a function.
There is enough decoration in this world, and we do not want to add products that do not simultaneously cover a functional need.

Sustainability in a new context ...

We naturally think about the environment and sustainability into the materials we choose for our products.
Among other things, do we use FSC-labeled wood and packaging, environmentally certified manufacturers, etc.

But we also think about sustainability in a slightly different context.

If a product has got its lines and characteristics from a designer who has circled the details for weeks and often months before it is left to us, there is a good chance that it will hold out for years to come.

In addition, it is quite natural for us to offer new parts to existing products over time. It could be a new cushion for the PAYA bench, which of course can be bought loose. In this way, you can as a consumer, renew or extend the life of your furniture.

Call it our little rebellion against the buy-and-throw-away culture :-) 

Welcome - and thank you for reading.