Sabine Appel - Designer 
Sabine has grown up in Ribe and has graduated as a designer at VIA University College in Herning. Sabine's favorite material is metals. Inspiration may come from the surroundings, words, pictures, an element or a pattern. It may be the desire to create a function or to unite form and function. Read more about Sabine here

Trine Poulsen - Designer
Trine is born and raised in the city of Smile, Aarhus, and has graduated as a designer at VIA University College in Herning. The favourite materials are wood & steel, preferably in combination. Trine's inspiration includes: from architecture, earlier style periods, other cultures, nature, and everyday needs. Trine swears to the honest design that can withstand the light of all ages. Read more about Trine here

Stella Graversen - Designer 
Stella is North Jutland girl and settled in the small cozy town of STENILD. Stella is like Sabine and Trine educated designer at VIA University College in Herning. The favourite material is wood, and inspiration is everyday needs and the people around her. A design must contribute something. And it's okay that it's simple. Just that is delicious and functional. Read more about Stella here

Malene Severinsen - Journalist
Malene operates her consulting company Rumour Has It. Malene has been precious from the very first day, both when PR plans were made, articles written, selected logo and much more. At Malene, we always get a skinless honest, competent and constructive feedback on both large and small.

Mikkel Johansen - Co-founder of DESIGNERS FIRST
Mikkel has a degree in production engineering and has experience with production, quality management, procurement, and logistics from several large Danish companies such as LEGO, and Nilfisk A/S. Mikkel has been living and working abroad for the past 11 years.

Gert Jakobsen - Co-founder of DESIGNERS FIRST
Gert is a graduate production engineer and has experience with development and production within the furniture industry. Besides his time in the furniture industry, has Gert held various positions with responsibility for procurement and logistics in Danish companies such as Caljan, Tajco, and Nilfisk A/S. Has been living and working three years abroad.


Welcome to our universe.

A universe where Danish personal design and home inspiration at eye level is the focal point.

At DESIGNERS FIRST, will we as the first, help Denmark's newest and most talented designers forward and introduce them to the big designer scene.

It started in the 1950s and 1960s, where Danish designers like Arne Jacobsen and Hans J. Wegner stood in the spotlight with their excellent designs. The characteristics were the Nordic, functional and stylish lines combined with a good and solid Danish craft. Today, we present them as timeless design icons, and as part of our proud design tradition.

At DESIGNERS FIRST, we protect the same values as we stand in the contours of today's design sketches and transform them into a finished product. For Denmark still, have some of the best furniture and interior designers. They need help along the way, so the creative sketches do not stay on the desk, along with unnecessary speculation about production, logistics, sales, branding, and marketing. We take care of them.

With the individual designer as a protagonist, DESIGNERS FIRST contributes with engineering inputs without altering expression, aesthetics, and functionality. We find the right producers together, cut out expensive intermediaries and carry the new personal design all the way to the edge of the stage.

In addition to providing quality and excellent service, we will also assist you with our online magazine, where our skilled stylist, Sanne, continuously updates you with the trends and trends of the time. You will also be able to read exciting articles about the designers, as well as get tips and tricks for the right decor and choice of colors.

The scene is set. Welcome to our universe. Welcome to DESIGNERS FIRST.