Where's Stella?


Blog post by Gert Jakobsen, co-founder of DESIGNERS FIRST

Our exhibition stand;

Where's Stella?

During August, we spent four days at the Formland exhibition in Herning, Denmark. 

The Formland exhibition is for industry specialist and industry employees only. As such visitors range from retail purchasers, big-box chains, suppliers, etc. Purchase agents are trying to spot new brands, styles, and trends and create contacts.
A lot of journalists representing news agencies, but not the typical national news or magazines, but the industry journalist who deals with designs, interior decor, and furniture.

It was the first time that DESIGNERS FIRST attended as an exhibitor, we thought it would be a great way to expose ourselves and get some attention.

And we got attention.
Already on the first day, there was a few journalists and a photographer from Herning News. They were looking for Stella Graversen, one of our talented designers. A few years back, Herning News wrote a feature story about Stella when she graduated as a designer. As such they now wanted to have a follow-up story about her, and particular about her collaboration with DESIGNERS FIRST, and naturally we agreed.

However, Stella was stuck in traffic and was not able to make before our journalists guest had other assignments to do. Lucky for us, our two other designers Sabine and Trine were both at our booth, and they eagerly shared their stories. And we were also able to share the story behind DESIGNERS FIRST. 

Herning News published the feature article in a special edition of Herning News, available in late October. We are looking forward to being able to share as much as we can in this BLOG.

More attention.
The positive attention did not stop with the feature article.

At Formland, every year, ten skilled experts from Denmark and abroad have been selected for the task, among them all approx. Five hundred exhibitors, to spot the most exciting and promising, which touches on design and interior. And the carefully selected designs are exhibited in an area that is very suitably called SELECTED BY. 

Unnecessary to say, that we had two of our designs selected among our limited selection. Both the PAYA bench by Trine and the SPACE TABLE by Sabine got the honor and was on loan to the particular exhibition area. Trend researcher and interior design expert Rikke Skytte selected PAYA, and Eckmann Studio chose SPACE Table.

Many thanks to both for the acknowledgment, which we entirely in agreement with, and thanks to our talented designers.

Next time we exhibit again, it will be specifically for EVERYONE WHO loves gorgeous interior design and decor, just like us. "BOLIG, MAD & DESIGN" (Home, Food & Design) exhibition is open for consumers and is at Odense Congress Center from October 26-28. Hopefully, you were there. If you want to be notified about our next exhibition, then please email me at gj@designers-first.com. 

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Trine is photographed by Herning Folkeblad

SPACE TABLE in salsa red - chosen by Eckmann Studio

PAYA with textile cushion - chosen by Rikke Skytte.
SPACE TABLE smokey blue - on loan to House of Freakebana

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