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Design that stands the distance?

My husband and I had just finished rehabbing our lovely house from 1939 when our son decided to arrive. I have a passion for design and home decor, which my husband, lucky me, is supporting. While he is in charge of all the technical aspects, such as hiding the cables for the TV and lamps, I can decorate the interior decor to my full content.

The reality hits. You look away for a minute, and the cute baby can suddenly crawl and walk! He has his moms sense for design and curiosity. Soon he will be two years old, and a little sister has also arrived, and his excitement for interior decor has not subsided. He tests the interior decor as a climbing wall, play table, racetrack, etc.

We live in a colonial house, and it is not a secret that the kids want to play where we are, meaning our living room equals any toy store in term of toy selection. 

And then the dilemma...
How much should you compromise in your home when you have children. At our house, the expensive lamps in the bedroom is now a very functional pacifier holder, and it works very well.

In our living room, we were missing a sofa table, but we were not able to find one that could withstand the little ones, without compromising on aesthetics. Then we saw "Space Table" from DESIGNERS FIRST with the innovative and functional surface material "ZERO."

The table is beautiful, elegant, timeless, thought through - delicate to touch, and heavy enough to withstand the kiddies and not tip over. The legs on the table are strategically placed; I have still not hit my toes on the table legs, a big bonus for a mother.

I will be the first one to admit that I was a doubter. I was waiting for the first scratch from a toy car or LEGO block, and it did finally came. However, a quick rub with a Melamine sponge and it was gone. I have since removed many scratches with this method, and it is a pleasure to have these pleasing tables without having to care about the children's creativity.

I am a fan!

/ Malene 

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