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When ideas become products!

As a designer, there is no better feeling than seeing your thoughts and ideas realized!

o have the first prototype of a design, and know that this product is the result of your thoughts and ideas, is the greatest feeling you can have.
The design process is often long, and the sketches are reworked, visualized, and tested. Physical models are created to guarantee true aesthetics expression.

For me, it is magic when I have the prototype, the result of a lot of work.

Perfect match.
When I was contacted by Gert (co-founder of DESIGNERS FRIST) in the middle of the winter, 2017, I had no doubt, that the ideas and vision he had for DESIGNERS FIRST was the perfect match for me. The vision of creating a design brand with a focus on the designers themselves and the personal story gave me a perfect opportunity to be the designer I want to be and at the same time make designers that have a meaning.

Designs have to mean something.
Designs have to have meaning and functionality. It has to make a difference for the user, and at the same time be of high quality, and last for many years.

Also, designs have to tell a story.

All the thought we have, what we wish for, experience in our lives, people we meet, are all part of our development, and inspire us. My inspiration for any new design can arise from anything, and what might be a small memory, a word, architecture, or an image, are all potentials for a new design.
I think it is interesting how you can process these thoughts into objects that can be used and can tell a story at the same time. The story reveals why the designs look like it does; the story gives the designs emotion.
The individual design is a design that has a soul, and that is a design that gives me meaning.

Everything is possible on paper.
When you draw a sketch, everything is possible as long as it is on paper. The real challenge in a good design is product development. Product development is where collaboration with DESIGNERS FIRST is ideal for me. We all do what we do best. The designer's sketch and designs, while Gert and Mikkel, the engineers, do product development and manufacturing. They don't just realize our ideas, but they elevate our design to the utmost.
It is a fantastic collaboration, but also "a schooling" in materials and possibilities which I can bring into future designs.

It takes more than one to create a quality design and elevate it from the paper sketch to a finished product. Consequently, even when we all do what we are best at, the designer is still part of the of the product development and the final decision when a design goes into manufacturing. It is this collaboration which makes a quality design.

So after a long journey, when you have the final prototype in your hand, you know that it is the right one. It is a great deliverance of the exceptional work from all involved parties. All the ideas and possibilities tested, and the design is now ready to meet the world.

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