Are you mad?


Blogindlæg af Gert Jakobsen, medstifter af DESIGNERS FIRST

Are you mad?

Did you think? Do you know anything about design? Is it possible to sell interior decor and furniture online? Is there a need for a new design company?

Just a few of the many questions I have gotten since I mention the idea about DESIGNERS FIRST to friends, relatives, colleagues, and acquaintance.

Stepping off the career-ladder, with a career of jobs like plant manager and logistics director, with pension plans, great benefits and trade them with an unsecured future as an entrepreneur, means that you have a rock solid belief in your mission or that you are a crazy, some people will say it is, in reality, a mixture of both!

The mission is ready, and the belief can only get stronger.
DESIGNERS FIRST will help talented Danish designers to get their unique designs through the full ideation process, from idea to finished product, and to the consumer who has a burning heart for personal danish design..

From the designer's point of view, there is a need for help. There are too many nice designs that stay where they start, on the drafting table. And too many good designers who can not make it a career.
Why is that? -It is a long, challenging road to go from the excellent design idea to a finished production piece. Often the road zig zags from construction, material choice, detailed designs, fabrication, manufacturing process choices, prototype build, test, tool and die fabrication, serial production, packaging, and lots more. This process is the home field for an engineer, but foreign to the designer.
En ingeniørs hjemmebane - ofte en designers udebane.

Okay so far, but what about the market?
Is there a need for a company that puts the personal design in focus? A company where the designer is at the center of attention? The story behind each design and the designers themselves is an essential part of the concept?;
Fact is, that relation between humans, since the start of life many thousands years ago, has been a crucial part of our existence. Humans are very social, and maybe more than ever. Just look at the rise of social media.
Another fact is that humans make everything that surrounds us. Either directly or indirectly. Some things are consumables, while others will be part of our lives for many years. We all have our favorite piece of furniture, which has followed us over the years.

However, how often do we know what the designer of the piece of furniture thought when they design it in the first place? What story did the designer want to tell?

I am confident that there are many people besides me, who is interested in the person and story behind the designs that make up and shapes our home. Just as we are interested in our favorite musician, author, and painter.

No more talk!
I owe you some answer to the first questions. I havethought it through.No, I am not a design expert, but our designers are, however, I know a great deal about manufacturing, quality, and logistics. You can sell interior decor online if you do in the right way. And, yes, there is a need for a design company where the design and the person behind are in the center.

Thanks for reading along.


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