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Article from the magazine "TENDENS BOLIG" published by Berlingske Media.

Does it make any sense at all?

- And what do we mean by a personal Danish design? 

For the magazine "TENDENS BOLIG" (Trending House), Berlingske Media has with the help from the co-founder of DESIGNERS FRIST Ger Jakobsen, described the vision and how they live by it every day at Denmarks newest design company.

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Danish design with a personality 

DESIGNERS FIRST is a creative universe os small furniture and accessories. The name could not be more precise. DESIGNERS FIRST describes in two words the single vision.

When a new design is launched, it has all started with the designer and their ideas and creativity. Functionality, form, details, and the artistic impression can all be let back the individual designer, and this guarantees a personal touch on every design. 
"We do not interfere. Design with our "optics" is not made to order, but a creative process, which begins with the designer's personal story. Because we believe that passion and quality, also in the design process, is not mutually exclusive," says Gert Jakobsen.

Artisan craftsmanship
DESIGNERS FIRST's unique collaboration between the company and the designers is critical for us. "At DESIGNERS FIRST it is not just us who choose the designers we believe in, in fact, the designers also select us, because they think we can bring their talent to the world. We are proud of this,"says Gert, and adds: "They know we will be faithful to their artisanship and good quality, and that we together will create a product that is true to appearance and usage."

The ideation process for a design can take months before the designer is ready to hand it over and start the manufacturing process. When the design is ready to launch, the designer comes back into focus. "It is only natural to launch the design in the name of the designer because the resulting work is always a personal design with a story. The designer's story, not the company."

The short route from designer to consumer
By removing all the unnecessary links in the value chain, the company has created the shortest route from designer to the consumer. 
"Our business was conceived as a webshop. In this, we can offer our customers the highest value for money. Because we know that our customers appreciate a personal design with high quality, at a fair price," says Gert Jakobsen.

Get closer
DESIGNERS FIRST is not just a webshop, but a universe. Here you will continually get a closer look at the design world, and you will get a close look at the designers and other people involved directly or indirectly with DESIGNERS FIRST.

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