The bench, an old classic

A bench is one of the most versatile furniture available, and benches can be used
in all the rooms of the home like entrance furniture, bathroom bench, or storage bench.

The possibilities are endless.
At Designers First we love home decor! And we love to inspire our customers. In this
blog post, we focus on a classic piece of furniture that belongs to the absolute oldest,
well-known furniture.

A bench 
A bench is, in its purest form, a piece of seating furniture for one or several people.
In the Middle Ages, the bench was seen in various designs, while the padded bench appeared
in the 18th century. Already at that time, storage was thought into the bench. Back in time, the bench was primarily to find as a school, church, and garden bench, but as the Danes changed housing habits in the 20th century, the bench came back strongly as a sitting room in the kitchen and not least as a storage unit. Since then, it has kept its entrance as, for example,bathroom bench, entrance furniture, and not least as a bench with storage.

When there is entrance furniture at the top of the wish list, the bench is a popular choice. And rightly so!
At Designers First, we love the bench for its versatile function and timeless expressions.
We have been looking high and low for functional and beautiful entrance furniture, as an entrance hall,
in truth, can be a difficult size to decorate. In many homes, a bench is a solution.

Whether you are looking for a bench with storage or a shoe bench, a bench can be used
for both storage and a piece of seating furniture - even in rooms with quite limited space. It is often an advantage that especially the entrance furniture has several functions, as the space in the entrance can be limited.

This challenge solves the bench with its functionality in both storage and seating furniture.

ntrance furniture is also the first piece of furniture your guests meet, and here design and aesthetics
also play a role. Wood benches are often a popular choice, as wood adds warmth and coziness,
to our Scandinavian home, in a sustainable material that can last for generations. At Designers First you can find both a wooden bench and metal benches. Both produced in Denmark. And you decide
whether the bench shall be with a leather or a quality fabric cushion.

A hallway bench is a popular choice due to its functionality and versatility. Even a small bench holds excellent functionality and many options.

Both as a bench with storage and entrance furniture.

It is not without reason that benches are among the most popular furniture of our customers.
specially our wooden benches, also available as a black bench, are popular. It's a bench you can use
as both entrance furniture, bathroom bench, or storage bench. The bench is so beautiful and
timeless in its expression that you can move it around the home as needed.

Is it an indoor bench you're missing? Or maybe a bench for the bedroom? A bench as extra seating
in your kitchen? Or has the hunt gone into hall furniture?
At Designers First, we have a large selection of benches for entrances. The benches all have space, e.g., shoe storage or baskets with hats, scarfs, etc. An entrance desk adds functionality and ease to your home storage that makes a difference in the often busy everyday life. You can find our selection of benches here on the website, and we are happy to help you choose the right bench for your home - whatever,
whether you are looking for a storage bench, a wooden bench - or maybe more wooden benches?

An entrance bench, a black bench, a small bench, or a bathroom bench. A bench for entrance is a popular
and safe choice when to combine form and function. But also in the bathroom, the bench has become popular.
A bathroom bench is perfect for storing, for example, towels, while wooden benches also add warmth and coziness to the room.
Be inspired by our range of benches - you'll find them in both wood and metal.

Common to all benches is that they are produced in Denmark by skilled craftsmen in high-quality materials.


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