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DESIGNER - Sabine Appel

 Sabine Appel
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Stylish minimalist candleholder.
Candleholder in naturally oak with a powder coated matte black steel top.
Included in one box is 3 candle holders and 2 vases of glass.
The heights of candle holders are 12, 15, and 18 centimeters.
Fits candles with a diameter of 2,2 centimeter.
The heights of the vases are 20 centimeters.

Note that the candleholder is available in several colors and materials.
Danish design, made in Denmark. Home decor for any occasion.



Many countless hours in the high school science and chemistry classes made the ideas for "Grab," a truly unique design. Inspiration came from all the equipment found in the high school chemistry lab;.

” I have always been challenged in science and chemistry, but I was amazed by the chemistry equipment in the lab, it was fascinating. All the thin tubes have always perplexed me.” Sabine Appel.

Inspired by the small clamp that holds on to the test tube, "Grab" is represented by the structure of a molecule.

” The small clamp that connects all the parts is the linchpin between all the atoms, which in this case are candle holders and vases.”

Together they form the molecule - the expression you choose it should have.


Designer Sabine Appel
Details Grab Candle Holder for your home decor - Naturally oak - Powder coated matte black steel top. Home decor for any occasion.