DESIGNER - Stella Graversen 

Stella Graversen
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Customize your own BESIDE with linoleum on top. With our linoleum tops, you can easily change your BESIDE's style and color, and you also get all the good benefits of choosing a natural product. Linoleum is a natural and environmentally friendly material. The surface has a worm expression and comfortable to the touch. It is easy to clean, and a bonus is that it has antibacterial properties, i.e., it does not attract dust and bacteria. Just place the linoleum on top of your BESIDE shelf.
Dimensions: W: 36 cm, D: 22 cm

This linoleum top fits ALL LEFT-OPENED BESIDE's, which means that your BESIDE opens on the left hand side. Also available for the right model. (scroll down and see all variants of BESIDE)

DELIVERY TIME:  3 - 5 working days 

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Price as configured: €33.62


Designer Stella Graversen about BESIDE:

&rdquoHave you also wondered about the ability of small items to hide in the back of a drawer? I have, and so did the idea for BESIDE arose. BESIDE'S construction makes it possible to open the drawer entirely so that you get the full overview.” She explains.

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