DESIGNER - Trine Poulsen 

Trine Poulsen
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This cushion fits the PAYA bench, designed by Trine Poulsen. The cushion is made of natural DUNES leather from Sørensen Leather. This leather has received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for sustainability. The cushion measures L: 60 cm, D: 35 cm, H: 5 cm. 

Please note that this type of leather may contain minor marks and stains from the "cow's life." All just to give each cushion its own personality and history.

AT STOCK - DELIVERY TIME APPROX. 1 WEEK for this leather cushion




Trine Poulsen's sense of choice of materials and function is most beautifully combined in the bench PAYA.

”I love to mix materials such as the most beautiful oak with steel in this bench. The details are all based on functionality such as the milled cushion and the metal shelf, which easily manages wet footwear if the bench is to be used in an entrance hall.”

PAYA also allows the user to change its expression and appearance as desired - for example, by removing the steel shelves or changing them around.

Leather cushion


Designer Trine Poulsen
Details Leather cushion for your bench
Dimensions Leather cushion measures L: 60 cm, D: 35 cm, H: 5 cm.