DESIGNER - Sabine Appel

 Sabine Appel
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Made from 2 mm aluminum, this unique bookshelf has a low weight and is safe to mount on walls. The surface is powder coated matte black with an extra fine texture. Outside measurements length 75 cm (29 34/64 Inch), height 35 cm (13 25/32 Inch), depts 22 cm (8 21/32 Inch). Available in multiple colors and sizes.
This small shelf includes wall-mounting fasteners, tools and a stencil for precise mounting.

This small shelf is Danish design & made in Denmark.



With Shanghai Silhouette, designer Sabine Appel has once again switched from the childhood homestead in southern Denmark to Shanghai, where the idea for Shanghai Silhouette was born.
” I was looking out the windows in our apartment and saw all the stories in the surrounding skyscrapers. So many stories, on-top of each other”
All her observations resulted in a bookshelf, with room for individuality.
” It appeals to your creativity, as it gives you the opportunity to form your own story, this is by design.”
When the shadows are cast from the shelf onto the wall, the contours lead you to the skyline of Shanghai.

Fabricated by laser cutting 2 mm aluminum blanks into a single piece and then bent into final shape. Due to all the opposing 90 degree bends, the fabrication was done using the most advanced bending machine on the market, controlled by the best journeymen machinist. Powder coated matte black with an extra fine structure, giving the surface unique looking finish. Small shelf


Designer Sabine Appel
Details This small shelf is made from 2 mm aluminum. Powder coated matte black surface, with an extra fine texture.
Dimensions Small shelf L: 75 cm (29 34/64 Inch), H: 35 cm (13 25/32 Inch), D: 22 cm (8 21/32 Inch)