We offer Danish design, in Danish quality sold worldwide in our webshop. The exclusive Danish design interior pieces from DESIGNERS FIRST can only be purchased in our webshop. We carefully curate the new designs that you can find in our webshop. We regularly add and expand our product offering. We will always put quality before quantity.

Why is DESIGNERS FIRST different than other actors in the marketplace?

DESIGNERS FIRST are renewing the Danish design heritage, and we are taking it to the next level. We collaborate with the best and more talented new designers, who are all handpicked, resulting in unique and modern contemporary design pieces which you can only find here. Also, we have created the shortest possible supply chain from design to high-quality products at the right price.

What is DESIGNERS FIRST vision?

Visions are not always very concrete! Our vision is very concrete, and we work every day to meet or exceed that vision. We are making the ultimate customer experience for both products and customer service. We have given ourselves the commission to provide you with the very best product of the highest quality, pack and wrapped the personal history of the designer, and at the right price - resulting in first class service for all.

How are your products priced?

DESIGNERS FIRST business plan is base on the paradigm of creating the shorted supply chain from designer to customer. Which you as a customer will get unique modern and contemporary design pieces at a competitive and fair price. We have removed all the middlemen from our supply chain, for your benefit. You will not have to pay for a lot of unnecessary services which do not add value to you as a customer. Instead, you will get a modern and contemporary design in high quality and at an attractive price.

Where are DESIGNERS FIRST products made?

Our manufacturing partners are typically Danish craftsmen and artisan. We do this, to guarantee our high-quality standards that we want to be known for. Our designers never compromise, neither do we! We have no trouble with a side-by-side comparison with our competitors - we know you can't find better quality for the money anywhere else. On the rare occasions where we can't find a Danish supplier, we will use our extensive international network to procure materials and products in the high quality we demand.

Can I see and touch the products before I buy them?

DESIGNERS FIRST has deliberately chosen to remove certain aspects of a typical brick-&-mortar business, and this means we have removed the high expenses of having a physical store where you can see and touch the products before you buy them. In return, we will picture and describe all the details of each of our products in our webshop, in this way you can make an inform decision, besides you can always contact us with questions about the products.

Can I return the products?

Yes. We offer a very favorable return policy. If you regret your purchase for any reasons within the first 30 days, we offer a no hazel return process. This gives you time to try out your new product anywhere you like in your home.

How do you find the designers that you chose?

We use our network and participates in many international exhibitions and design fairs where new designers present their capabilities. At DESIGNERS FIRST, we put the designer in the center. It is all about them and not us, and we are just a tool they use to go-to-market. As a customer, it is the designer's personal story and passion you chose when you select any of our products.