EDGE TRAY - oak nature - 60 x 20 cm

Fits the EDGE shelf in the size 60 x 20 cm

Delivery time: 4 - 8 working days


EDGE TRAY - oak nature - 60 x 20 cm

Designer : Sabine Appel
Size : L: 60 cm, D: 20 cm
Color : Untreated oak
Material : Oak
Weight : 1 kg


EDGE TRAY is the tray in oak that adds a new look, and not least new options to the EDGE shelf.

If you use EDGE TRAY together with your EDGE shelf in the kitchen, it allows you to easily and elegantly take all the spices to the dining table. EDGE TRAY also works excellently in the hallway for storing keys etc.

The tray is oiled.

Sabine Appel (b. 1986)

Education: VIA University College Herning, Denmark

City of birth: Ribe, Denmark

Favorite material: Metals

My inspiration: Especially my surroundings. It can be a word, a picture, a material, a pattern. It may be the desire to create a function or to unite form and function.

My design: I love the modular design. The modular can matter as it appeals to the creativity we all have hidden within us. The modular design allows us to create an expression ourselves or adapt the function to individual needs.

Biggest driving force: My creative urge. A successful design: Adds peace to the home. It gives peace to the eye and fulfills a function. The balance between the aesthetic and the functional. A design that others will love - one that does something good for others.

Design dream: A compromise piece of furniture. Furniture can be a great compromise in a relationship. So a piece of furniture that appeals to both him and her.