Trine Poulsen

LEVEL SHELF - shelf, long

White, L:65 cm (25 9/16 Inch), D:13 cm (5 1/8 Inch) , H:5 cm (1 15/16 Inch)

Cushion for PAYA
CUSHION - Black textile. Fits PAYA bench

Trine Poulsen – PAY05 – L:60 cm, D:35 cm, H:5 cm

Bænk bench egetræ oak møbler
CUSHION - Cognac leather, suitable for PAYA bench

Trine Poulsen – PAY05 – L:60 cm, D:35 cm, H:5 cm

Bænk bench egetræ oak møbler
CUSHION - Black leather, suitable for PAYA bench

Incl. seating in quality black leather

Bænk bench egetræ oak møbler
CUSHION - natural leather, suitable for PAYA bench

Trine Poulsen – PAY05 – L:60 cm, D:35 cm, H:5 cm

Baenk - egetræ

Trine Poulsen – PAY01 – L:95 cm, D:38 cm, H:49 cm

Baenk - egetræ

Trine Poulsen – PAY03 – L:95 cm, D:38 cm, H:49 cm

Baenk - egetræ

Trine Poulsen – PAY02 – L:95 cm, D:38 cm, H:49 cm

Baenk - egetræ

Trine Poulsen – PAY04 – L:95 cm, D:38 cm, H:49 cm


Name: Trine Poulsen (born 1991)

Origin: Aarhus, Denmark

Favorite material: Wood and steel

My Inspiration: Architecture, historical periods, other cultures, nature and the daily needs.

My design: Honest design, that can endure sunlight from all angels, all the way from the choice of material to construction. I prioritize cool details in high quality, as a bonus, the design is multi-functional. It is important to me that you can change the design’s expression to personalize.

My Drive: To prove that character is not necessary to show that you can invoke your dreams.

Successful design: Adds mood and personality to your home.

My design dream: A candle holder

Find home

When designer Trine Poulsen as a child locked the door to her room, her parents knew it was time for “interior design,” again. The childhood room has gone through multiple changes, especially the color of the walls. ”I have always loved to create on my own. As a child, I could never find the right CD-holder so I, would make it myself….with help from my dad.” Furniture and interior design were on her mind at an early age, and she was able to get her parents to bring her material and give her fabrication assistance. ”I have two brothers, but it is no secret that I am the Tomboy, as I am the one who used all the tools,” she says with a big smile. When the young designer starts a new design, it is always driven by a need. ”My design has to satisfy a need, I love to think outside the box when solving the design needs, as an example the choice of material,; she explains. Quality and functionality are hard-constraints from her point of view. ”My name stands for an honest design, that can endure sunlight from all angles, whether it is in the assembly, construction, or choice of material. ”

The “right” shelf

Academia has never interested Trine Poulsen; it never gave her freedom and recognition. It comes when she followed her instinct and let her creativity guide her. ”I have always been a quiet girl, school and books never gave me any happiness. However, I always got praises for my creativity.” As such school time was a real challenge. ”everyone looked at your grades and thought that your future could only be determined based on those. If you did not have a certain grade point average, you were not going to be successful. I have always enjoyed drawing, but there was never anybody in school who told me that it could be a career.; Luckily, Trine Poulsen, did not push away her creative side, thus she excelled in creative and art school. In April 2017, she was elected to show her works in Milan, Italy, at Ventura Lembrate. ”This has given me a sense of calm, and a feeling that I have found myself - this is my shelf. It might not be a square box with the right grade point average, but it is my box, and it is perfect in every way.” The decision to give herself room for her creativity has meant she had to find a new direction to her life. ”It has been a huge challenge to make it so far, as I have always take the easy choices in life. However, it is not possible anymore if I want to follow my heart and instinct, it tells me to go after my dream as a designer 100%.”

The base

She leaped, and today her one-room apartment in Aarhus, Denmark is both her studio and living quarters. Her apartment is a collage of specific choices and functional solutions with a touch of her personal effects; this makes it her home. Instead of seeing limitations in her apartment she has built a wall in the middle of that, it has many functions just as her designs. ”JI made the wall myself; it gives me a way to visualize my projects. I think it has been painted 7-8 time already during the two years I Have lived here.” She laughs. The small home is a source of inspirations and new ideas, just like the childhood room, it is re-designed many times. You might visit Trine Poulsen the day after tomorrow, and the sofa might have a new location and the wall a new color. ”Chaos makes me more creative, and I can have chaos in my room with a good conscience.;In time the young designer dreams of having her studio somewhere in the city. ”Sometimes it can be too easy when your home is also your studio, things melt together even though I have done a lot to divide my home into zones; she acknowledges.

The heritage

the Danish design scene has a great legacy, and it is a heavy burden to lift when you are new up-and-coming design star. ”The most difficult thing as a new upcoming designer is the burden of the great Danish design heritage. Danish design is solid with many traditions, which we on one side is part of, and on the other side want to break out from to create our heritage.”Making their heritage and identity today happens on many new social platforms, which is a challenge for Trine Poulsen who is both very private and introverted. ”It is very peculiar that I am in such an extroverted line of work. It is very transcendent for me when I post on Instagram. I am always nervous about what people will think, and when it comes to design, it is always a very individual choice. You can’t win over everybody; she says with a smile before she leaves for a trip to a beach cottage. She is finishing a Bachelors at Via Design, which has to be finished without procrastinating too much.