Stella Graversen


CORNER in black, 28.5 cm (11 2/8 Inch) x 28.5 cm (11 2/8 inch), with White colour disc

BESIDE - shelf with drawer, black, left
BESIDE - shelf with drawer, black, left

Stella Graversen – BES03 – L:35cm, D:22cm, H:11cm

BESIDE - set of 2 pcs. Choose variations
BESIDE - set of 2 pcs. Choose variations

Stella Graversen – BES01 – L:35cm, D:22cm, H:11cm


Name: Stella Graversen (born 1986)

Origin: Stenild, Denmark

Favorite Material: Wood

My Inspiration: Everyday need and the people around me

My drive: I just can’t stop

A successful design: Is a design which people want in their home. Our home has become a place where we tell our stories, as such a successful design for me, is a design that is part of somebody's story

My design dream: A dinner chair that you are comfortable sitting on

From thoughts to action

The kitchen at Stella Graversen’s home is a “yellow lady” from 1973, yellow as only 1970’s could make. The kitchen is recycled, as she picked it up herself and installed it in her home, with help from her boyfriend. ”It is recycled, and I love my yellow kitchen! I found it at a couple’s home, who was getting a new kitchen. My friends thought I was crazy installing a vintage kitchen in a newly renovated house, but everyone has accepted the old yellow lady. ” Stella Graversen laughs. Yellow is the color of choice when the designer test new ideas because they emerge in the car on her way to work. As such they are quickly noted on sticky notes first thing when she arrives at the office. ”most of my product development happens in the car, maybe because there is room to think. ” In addition to the boyfriend, she also has a small boy, who can keep his mother busy. Her enthusiasm for design does not escape the little boy. Strategically placed over his play area is a classical Danish design lamp, which gets hit by toys all the time. &rdquoIn our home things has to be used, maybe I should move the lamp? Maybe. But that reminds me that I had plans for that space by the play area!” More laughter in the cozy house, it was built in the 1960’s but it went through a wall-to-wall renovation in the hands of Stella Graversen and her boyfriend Johnni. The interior was done by the can-do designer. Currently, the homes interior design is done with thrift items dating back to the 1960’s. The sofa that she got from mother has always followed her. Everything else is more or less on limited time. ”Interior design is my passion, and I quite often change our home interior. I sell and buy something else, by boyfriend has totally given up trying to keep up with me. The other day he got angry over a poster with a green car, it has been hanging in the living room for the last two months, but it was not until now he noticed it. ”more laughter.

The torn pants

Even though Stella Graversen’s career has included sales and installation of curtains and blinds, she has always had a passion for drawing and painting. It was early when she knew that her talent was going to be used in furniture and interior design. &rdquoI have a sewing machine and has used it in the past for a pair of pants for my girlfriend. She probably has not forgiven me yet that they tor on New Year’s Eve, as they were sewed together,” she says. On the other side, her furniture design has reached new heights. Stella Graversen is educated Furniture and Interior designer from VIA in Herning, Denmark. ”My first production piece was “DESK”, I wall mounted office desk, I remember how proud I was! Because it means that somebody believes in me. ” The desk subsequently won a prestigious price, that was a huge clap on the back for the young designer. She usually works with color markers and paper when a new idea comes to her. The maturation process always starts with a sketch. ”The last thing I do is to use a computer; it limits me. I do however sketch on everything around me! ” The energy from Stella Graversen files the whole room, and it is never long distance from thoughts to action. A “mood-board” is used to collect all the ideas and inspiration; it has never seen daylight in Nørager, Denmark. ”No never! When I work, I work. If I get an idea, I have to bring it to life right away; it does not matter where I am doing the sketching physically – all the creativity happens in my head, it is not tied to any room or location. ”

The short distance from idea to action has led the designer into the forest. To a gentleman who had a piece of furniture in the attic, which she really wanted to bring home. ”probably not be the greatest plan as I was very pregnant, on a road trip, in a borrowed van to visit a stranger out in the forest, just to pick up daybed the size of the van. ”Home it got. The home is for Stella Graversen a living thing, just like her creative room, it is not tied to city, location, or artifact. ”I do not belong to a particular place, and I have nothing that I HAVE to bring. If I have to pack, it is only my son and boyfriend I need. ”


The subdivision in Nørager, Denmark, is very quiet, you can hear the silence. This is very much in contrast to the laughing and generic designer, who can’t sit still for long at a time. ”Do you know? We live in the Bermuda-Triangle of family neighborhoods! ” and within 2.5 seconds has she point out in-laws, grandmother father, and aunt, they are all within reach. Right now, this is where the family belongs. But nothing has to last forever. Stella Graversen uses the daily life and needs as fix-point for new designs. ”Maybe I am lazy, but I like to combine and optimize everyday work process in the home. One of my design combines a cutting board, knife and knife holder in one product. I was so tired of having to get the knifes in one location and the cutting board in another ” she explains the details behind the product “Hold Me”. Another example is the wall mounted night stan, also designed by Stella Graversen. ”It is much easier to vacuum when things do not stand on the floor, but what is more important – I was just too tired of regular night stans with drawers. Maybe it is just me, but everything I needed was always in the back of the drawer. Also, it is not very easy to open a drawer when you are in bed. ” Solution? A night stan where the drawer opens all the way out, as such give a view of everything in the drawer and full access. No knickknack can hide, and there is easy access from the bed.

Biggest challenge

Life as a designer demand courage to put your self on display, you need to be able to stand up to critics and withstand the rejections, which you will get in your career. ”This is a very challenging business; you have to believe in yourself, keep you good spirit even when you are turned down for a design that has taken a lot of time.” ”No matter how many rejections you get, you stay true to yourself and have the courage to continue. Outreach is also good ” fexplains Stella Graversen. She suddenly interrupts herself. ”Do you know what, everything around you is designed by somebody, and we forget that when we focus on the great design classics. ”