Sabine Appel


3 candle holders of coated aluminium, 2 vases and 6 connectors

SHELF - for books and magazines, white (JN)

White, L: 48 cm (18 57/64 Inch), H: 25 cm (9 27/32 Inch), D: 22 cm (8 21/32 Inch)

sidebord sofabord coffee table bord
SPACE TABLE - coffee table, pebble

MDF linoleum, Pepple (Light gray), available in different sizes

Coffee table - OAK

OAK table, available in different sizes


Name: Sabine Appel (born 1986)

Origin: Ribe, Denmark

Favorite material: Metals

My inspiration: "everything," especially my surroundings. It might be a "word," a simple "photo," a piece of "material" or even a pattern. It might be the wish or vision to create a specific function or merge a shape with a function.

My design: I love "modular" design. Modular designs appeal to the creativity we all have inside us. With the modular design, you have the option to create your "own" expression or function.

My drive: My need to create. A successful design gives a sense of serenity to your home, while your functional needs are met, this balance between the functional and the aesthetic. A "design" people will be happy with - and which will please others.

My design dream: "Compromise-furniture." Furniture can be a compromise in a relationship, a piece of furniture that appeals to both her and him - a "compromise-furniture."

Between 15 chickens and an annex building

As you approach a small village close to Ribe, Denmark, you take a turn on to a gravel road right before the village. The gravel road leads you to a little romantic log home with "roots" deep into the soil of the fairytale lot. Between chickens and vacationers, in an adjoining annex building, is where Danish furniture and interior designer Sabine Appel lives together with her family. From early childhood, Sabine has been able to play in the wondrous world of shape and colors. Her parents gave her the space to roam free with her creativity, this, in a long age sealed her destiny. &rdquoIn my family, the vacuum would only come out during rainy weather. I was raised free-spirited, as such I spent a lot of time in nature, often collecting wild mushrooms. I had room for my creativity, and knew at an early age that I would be a designer for a living;Her parent was often given a dose of their daughter’s creative gen when she as a child lividly demand her parents to allow her to paint her room green - right now. The same willpower, with an ounce of defiance, is still very much behind the green-brown eyes. If an idea has roots, it has to be dealt with. Once an idea for a design came from inspiration found in the ancient hieroglyphs, another from a vacuum cleaner head.”My greatest "drive" is my need to create. Because I can't stop, changes are fascinating to me, and "design" can drive change and be challenging at the same time. All my designs have my compass ” This need to create often results in new themes, which Sabine with great pleasure dives in to. ”When you dive into themes that you know nothing about, it is amazing what you can take with you - I have been very preoccupied with "symbols" and "hieroglyphs," an example has let to design ideas and line-art drawings.” ”We could all be designers; all we need to do is observe and register our surroundings.

From Shanghai to Ribe

Sabine and her family switched a metropolitan lifestyle in Shanghai, China with a simple one in the southern part of Denmark. A large acreage, 15 chickens, and an annex building. Close to the Wadden Sea with its flat, windy and wild nature and the old streets of the oldest extant town in Denmark, called Ribe. But it was in Shanghai that her idea for her first Designers-First theme came to fruition. "I was looking out the windows in our apartment and saw all the stories being told in the surrounding skyscrapers. So many stories are on-top of each other". The result was bookshelf with room for individuality. When the shadows are cast from the shelf onto the wall, the contours lead you to the skyline of Shanghai.”It appeals to your creativity, as it gives you the opportunity to form your own story, this is by design.” On the acreage in Ribe, nestled between the 15 chickens and the adjoining building annex, here Sabine has her room and workshop, a colorful collage of line-art, thoughts, and ideas. ”This is where I draw.” Does the surroundings matter for Danish designers? "I surround myself with chaos and yellow sticky notes.” Sudden ideas are noted on yellow sticky notes and saved for later. ” When a design can't be finalized, she puts it away for later. &rdquoI can tell if it is ready when I see it again, if not, my husband will be the critic as he has fewer feelings invested in it. He is good at making me make a decision. ”