Lene Madsen

Lene Madsen (b. 1990)

Favorite material: Wood & steel

My inspiration: My inspiration comes from the surroundings around me. These can be people you spend time with, places you visit and needs you discover with different products you use.

My designs: In my designs, I strive for the aesthetic and functional to go hand in hand with the construction. It is important that all details have a meaning for the product. Furthermore, the product must contribute something - not just be beautiful, but it must have function and make sense to the user.

Biggest driving force: To give the user an easier and more beautiful everyday life. That you can just optimize the small details that can make the whole product make so much more sense. Or finding the detail that can give a product a different construction and appearance.

Design dream: To design products that make sense. It can be anything from a kitchen utensil, a hook to the towel to the lamp and the chair.