Anna Karnov & Clara Mahler

Anna Karnov & Clara Mahler

Education: Anna Karnov: Arkitekt MAA, Arkitektskolen, Aarhus, Denmark
Clara Mahler: Bachelor, Arts & Industrial design, Kolding, Denmark.

Inspiration: Arises in the meeting between traditional craftsmanship and modern production methods, the tactility of materials and properties.

Our designs: Are based on products that create great value for the user, sustainable products with a long service life, timeless rather than time-typical and products that can follow the user in several phases of life.

Greatest driving force: Is the unique thing that arises in a collaboration where 1 + 1 gives 3. When there are two people who complement and challenge each other with knowledge sharing and curiosity, the framework is created for an exciting design development and maturation. In the collaboration, it is extremely important for us to have fun, to have fun and nerd with the process and the details, which ends up in thorough products we can both vouch for.

Our design dream: Designing high-quality functional products with durable aesthetics, which are in the homes of future generations and which bear the imprint of several life stories.