We do not have the market's largest selection of tables.
On the other hand, we have, in our opinion, some of the market's finest and most functional tables.
They are designed by talented Danish designers and produced in Denmark.
And you can only find them in our shop.

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Danish design tables for your home.

We have a great selection of tables in unique Danish design and beautiful material, no matter if you are looking for a sofa table, side table or accessory table, you will find it all here.

Personalize interior space

You can add simple sofa table or a side table to give your space a personality and a high level of usability. Our selection of tables all share the same traits of high quality and functionality. You get timeless furniture that satisfies your daily requirements, it also adds to your home's personality.

Designer tables

Before we add any new products to our webshop, it has gone through a long life-cycle. Our designers have made many sketches, many prototypes, and looked at materials. When production has finally started, the resulting product is filled with quality, passion and a keen eye for design that will add a timeless elegance and personality to your home.

Unique materials

A table has to hold up the daily beating and use, and tables are often the center of a room and where people will congregate - no matter if you need a sofa table, side table or an accessory table. The criteria for both functionality and design are high. By choosing a table from DESIGNERS FIRST, you can rest assured that we have made all the efforts to give you a unique design with an excellent choice of material.

Timeless classics

At DESIGNERS FIRST, we believe that you should be able to invest in a piece of furniture and be able to enjoy the high quality and functionality for many, many years to come. Thus all the tables you find in our webshop are manufactured with the highest quality standard. It is not for nothing that Scandinavian design is trendy, and when you see the clean lines that our designers have been able to create, you will know why we can call our designs for contemporary classics.