DESIGNER - Stella Graversen 

Stella Graversen
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This unique piece of furniture can be used for a variety of storage purposes in the home. Besides BESIDE's beautiful and elegant exterior, the functionality is top-notch. The swivel drawer allows you to open up to a full overview of the content. It can include used as a wall hung bedside table, wall hung side table, storage drawer in the hallway, and much more.

Measurements: W: 36 cm, D: 22 cm, H: 10 cm (note that BESIDE due to the swing drawer requires about 41cm total width)

This variant is made of metal, topped with a delicious, eco-friendly coating. Assembled with an elegant brass bolt.
This is a LEFT model, which means it opens on the left hand side. Also available as the right model. (scroll down and see all the variants of BESIDE)

Delivery: approx 5 - 8 days



Functionality and aesthetics at its best. 
This innovative storage solution can be used in any room of the home and allows you to combine a beautiful shelf with a drawer to store the little things away. The drawer is unique as it can be opened entirely, so you get the full overview.
You can use BESIDE as a wall-mounted bedside table, wall-hung side table by the favorite chair in the living room, for the keys in the hall, for mobile and lets in the kitchen. Only your imagination sets limits.

Stella about BESIDE:

”Have you also wondered about the ability of small items to hide in the back of a drawer? I have, and so did the idea for BESIDE arose. BESIDE'S construction makes it possible to open the drawer entirely so that you get the full overview. ,” She explains.

”The materials have been carefully selected to give this design an expression that makes it useful in all of the home's rooms.”


Designer Stella Graversen
Details Floating nightstand BESIDE - in the colors Coral and Rosa, left
Dimensions Floating nightstand dimension L:36 cm., D:22 cm., H:10 cm.