DESIGNER - Stella Graversen 

Stella Graversen
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This unique piece of furniture can be used for a variety of storage purposes in the home. Besides BESIDE's beautiful and elegant exterior, the functionality is top-notch. The swivel drawer allows you to open up to a full overview of the content. It can include used as a wall hung bedside table, wall hung side table, storage drawer in the hallway, and much more.

Measurements: W: 36 cm, D: 22 cm, H: 10 cm (note that BESIDE due to the swing drawer requires about 41cm total width)

This variant is made of metal, topped with a delicious, eco-friendly coating. Drawer made of laminated natural oak, assmebled with an elegant brass bolt.
This is a LEFT model, which means it opens on the left hand side. Also available as the rigt model. (scroll down and see all the variants of BESIDE)

Delivery time: 5-8 days



Designer Stella Graversen on BESIDE:

”Have you also wondered about the ability of dummy nuts to hide in the back of the drawer? I have, and that's how the idea for BESIDE came about. Construction allows you to open the drawer up, so you get the full overview.” she explains.

Keywords: Nightstand, bedside table, bed shelf, bed shelf with drawer


Designer Stella Graversen
Details Floating nightstand BESIDE - in the colors Coral and Rosa, left
Dimensions Floating nightstand dimension L:36 cm., D:22 cm., H:10 cm.