A bench can be the first thing you meet in the hallway when you get home. Or the last thing before you leave. 
With our designer benches, you know that every detail has a meaning. Nothing is left to coincidence.
At the same time, sustainability and quality have been the focal point of our Danish-produced benches.
We are proud, with PAYA, to be able to offer our take for tomorrow's Danish design classic. 

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Danish design benches which add functionality and personality to your home

A benches adds functionality to the modern home and gives your interior home design character, no matter if you are looking for shoe storage in your lobby or a beautiful oak bench for your bedroom.


Oak is one of those materials our designers love. Oak is beautiful, strong, and for us the material that defines Scandinavian design, in both expression and color. Oak gets more beautiful with age and can give a room warmth and "hygge." This is the reason why we chose oak for our lovely and clean looking bench, which by the way, you can place throughout your home. It is easy to add a benches to your interior home design, and it combines both functionality and aesthetics.

Stylish benches

Years back, a bench was just something you had in your lobby or maybe your kitchen. However, those days are over, today you can find benches throughout all the rooms in a home where it adds multiple options and character. Our designers have designed a fantastic, stylish and clean bench, in which material and implementation come together in a unique piece of furniture that will stay with you for many years, no matter for what you have used it.

Functional design

No matter how large or small your home is, a bench can satisfy your need for a functional, personalized interior, and storage. Use the bench throughout all your rooms, and we invite you to play with both expression and function. Use the bench as a beautiful and functional storage for shoes, place boxes with hoodies, mittens or the kid's toys that do not fit anywhere else. Do you need some inspiration for your interior space, then join us on Instagram or Facebook.

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