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Our story


Not like all the others ...

DESIGNERS FIRST was founded in 2017. The vision then, as now, was to create a company where design lovers could have access to unique interior products that preferably do not look like everything the others have. The way to complete this vision is through a series of collaborations with relatively untested furniture designers, who all have in common that they "have something on their minds" - a story to tell. And there is for the designers almost "free play". We have both the courage and the will to step a little aside when it comes to choosing products. Even though we sometimes have to give lost in the process from sketch to finished product.

We have technical competencies internally, as the founders of DESIGNERS FIRST are trained engineers with several years of experience in product development and manufacturing. At the same time, we have built up a strong team of fantastic Danish production companies that, in addition to producing our furniture, also assist with qualified sparring in relation to the choice of solutions, materials, processes, etc.

But not at any cost ...

With Danish production, we pay more for our products than we could have done. But we do it anyway, as the price we are not willing to pay is the irreparable damage that is happening in several places on our common planet. We know our supply chain and manufacturers really well, as we visit them several times a month, and with our own eyes can see that they have the same attitude to protect the environment as we do. It gives a really good feeling when we sit at the dinner table with the next generation.



Welcome to our universe of carefully selected designs, which we have carefully brought all the way from idea to finished product. There is nothing we have not had our fingers in, and it is obligatory, of course. But we are actually proud to add name.


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Anne-Mette Holm

Owner | Marketing & PR & Sales

DESIGNERS-FIRST | Nymøllevej 50 | DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Phone: +45 25 63 72 72  



Mikkel Johansen

Owner | Engineer & Logistics & Sales

DESIGNERS-FIRST | Hjulmagervej 4A | DK-7100 Vejle

Phone: +45 42 36 26 51



Gert Jakobsen

Owner | Engineer & Manufacturing & Sales

DESIGNERS-FIRST | Hjulmagervej 4A | DK-7100 Vejle

Phone: +45 22 30 89 75