DESIGNERS FIRST is a Danish webshop, where you can buy unique designer furniture.

All furniture is self-developed, manufactured in Denmark and only available here with us.

Have a look, and be inspired.







A new furniture for the entrance?


A shelf must not just be able to store things. A shelf, if you are a skilled designer, can be thought of far beyond just functionality. Just look at our bookshelves SILHOUETTE, designed by Sabine Appel. The shelves are described by many as a small bookcase, and by others as a bed shelf. BESIDE is another fantastic example of shelves in Danish design, which in addition to functionality in everyday life offers world-class design.


Benches are indispensable in the home. Also in light oak. Today, a bench can find space in many places in the home. In the hallway, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the living room, etc. With our bench, which is made of FCS certified oak, you get design, aesthetics, functionality and craftsmanship from the absolute top shelf. Not surprisingly, our benches are among the most in demand products. Design furniture, Danish design produced in Denmark.


With a wall-mounted desk like CANVAS, you both save space and make cleaning a breeze. Explore our shop and be inspired.


With us you will find elegant and stylish design furniture such as coffee tables. It is Danish design that is designed along the Nordic minimalist lines. For us, a coffee table is not just a table. It is most often a meeting point where there must be a balance between functionality and aesthetics. This is exactly what we believe is characteristic of the furniture you find with us.


Danish interior design has a long and glorious history in Denmark. Large Danish furniture articles such as Nanna Ditzel, Arne Jacobsen, Hans J. Wegner, Børge Mogensen, Finn Juhl m.fl. has made Denmark world famous in furniture architecture. We can and should be proud of that. At DESIGNERS FIRST, we cherish exactly that heritage with the utmost respect. Whether we launch Danish interior design in the form of benches, tables, shelves, candlesticks or other for the interior design, it is with the same values as the aforementioned icons, ie. with a focus on the clean lines, functionality and good craftsmanship. Everything else will in our optics be disrespectful.